Update (03.05.2014): Green russian version verified, and I’m calling the layout verified, thanks to rydia.

In between doing other stuff I decided I wanted to revamp an old layout, or a BigMuffPinumber of old layouts actually. So I’ve created a single vero layout for the Big Muff Pi that should cover most of the various versions that are floating around out there. I also think the layout in general is a little bit neater than the old ones. Let me know what you think and how it sounds 🙂

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10 thoughts on “New layout for the BMP

  1. is the first rams head the 75#1 from kitraes site?? it looks like it. I built it and it works fine but its to woofy gritty and dirty for me.

  2. hi there, I juist finished building the black russian version and although it sounds, it has very low gain, i put every pot at max and it barely distorts, what could it be? thx!

  3. Hi Harald,

    I’ve just built the Ram’s head version using your layout and it’s working good (I think)! For the footswitch I have also used your diagram.

    Before that, I had only listened to a modern USA made and this appears to be more like a distortion, but becomes into real muff when setting volume to max. Seems to be nice!

    Thank you very much!

    Regards from Spain

  4. Yes, you’re right. Lug #2 on the volume pot IS the output. If you use true-bypass wiring you run a wire from volume #2 to the 3PDT.
    And not a stupid question. Everyone starts out somewhere! Happy building 🙂

  5. Hi Harald,

    I’ve just build the Civil War up following the layout above, but once wiring i realised that I don’t know where is the output of the pcb, I mean, on the notes you say that volume 2 goes to output but I cannot find it.

    Did you mean that volumen 2 works like the output of the pcb?, that means that vol.2 goes straight to the 3pdt lug?

    My appologies if it’s a stupid question, first time I’m building stuff, I’m a rookie.


  6. Thanks for the layouts! This one–well, the Green Russian part, at least–can be considered verified. Very cool idea. I’m looking forward to tweaking it a bit and blending in other variations.

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