I know a few of you have been asking for pre-programmed tap-tempo controllers, and over the last week I’ve been working on realizing this. In the main menu above you’ll now find a link to a small store with a limited number of said chip.

Now, I anticipate some growing pains in the beginning, but hopefully nothing that can’t be easily overcome. I do want to limit this to begin with, though, so right now I only have a handful of controllers up. But after the initial break in of the store, and if there’s any demand, I’ll add more stock.

Something else I want to mention; I have very little experience shipping/mailing, so the options and pricing in this area is probably going to see some changes once I get a few letters going. I’ve tried to estimate the postage, envelope cost etc., but until I get it right I’ll try to reimburse whatever extra shipping you may have paid (did that make any sense?).

The store plugin and paypal seems to really want me to list everything in Kroner, and not Dollars, and I’m sorry about that. And I know there’s something wrong with the description text under the store item. Will see if I can do anything about that when time permits, but right now I need a bit of a break 😉

Let me know if this works or not, and what you think.

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10 thoughts on “New shop section

  1. Harald! My chips just arrived, actually I think the arrived a few days ago, but it wasn’t until a moment ago that I’ve collected my post. Fantastic speed hehe, can’t believe it.
    Now I just have to build the thing. Will post a build report here. Thank you for your business

  2. Not on this one. I did consider it, but I wanted to keep it a DIP-8. You set the multiplier either with a regular pot, or with a rotary as suggested by the example schematics (same goes for waveform).
    I plan on doing an extended one, maybe DIP-20, that has more bells and whistles, but not right now 😉

  3. Yeah, I would asume so 🙂
    I ordered two chips since I wanted to be sure I’ll have a working pedal if I kill one of them haha.
    I haven’t really done any research on this chip but is it npossible to have tempo multiplier on a separeate momentary switch and every tap on it would lead to the next multiplier and when I get to the last then it would return to the starting multiplier mode?

  4. No tracking number, just a basic envelope. I need to research mail stuff a bit more, but I do believe the options with tracking is markedly more expensive.
    I plan on finding an office supply store and get some proper padded envelopes, but I was just excited to get the chips out the door now.

  5. Awesome, I ordered 2 of them. I hope the international shipping will work out alright. Can’t wait to make a cool tap tempo tremolo or something.

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