Old vero layouts updated, part 1

Updated the following vero layouts: Boogeyman, Boss DS-1 w/ Keeley mods, Dr. Boogey, Digital Reverb, Big Muff Pi – Ram’s Head version, Big Muff Pi – Civil War Russian version, Big Muff Pi – Creamy Dreamer version, Soul Preacher and JCM800.

Some of them were lacking compared to my later layouts. I’ll update a second batch soon as I get around to it.

Update (15.02.2011): Rewired the “Bass”, “Mid” and “Lead vol” pots on the Boogeyman layout.

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2 thoughts on “Old vero layouts updated, part 1

  1. Hi, harald where is the sw in point? I do not understand the faq, because i do not understand english well …
    Distortion works but not the mod.

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