I’m weak for compressors and this one seems really interesting. Let me know if you try this layout before I get around to it.

Update (17.12.2011): mysticwhiskey verified this one already over at FSB.

Update (08.04.2012): Finished mine a few days ago. It really annoys me that I put +9v on the decal (I subsequently scribbled over it with a fat, black marker). Other than that I’m really happy with how the board-mounted pots worked out. And it sounds decent too, but not my favorite compressor.

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20 thoughts on “Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone

  1. Hi, thanks for your work! I’m starting to build this, I’m planning to use it with 18v so the 2200uf cap must be 25v min? I ask because in the notes it says 10v which in 9v i too close, thanks in advance.

  2. Hi all.
    I was finishing this thing and tried different LED’s and found that the best dirt, sustain etc…was had by using a 5mm clear UV LED!! I figured it would do nothing but put it in and the pedal was louder. The dirt and tone was 50% stronger. It amazed me. Very nice pedal, very big surprise. Thanks Harald!!

  3. So I removed the volume pot, temp wired in an A100, and now have volume adjustment, although it still does not get above unity. May try bypassing R9 (150R) or try a smaller value

  4. I am noticing that there is virtually no change in the volume with full rotations in either direction. Before I try to unsolder the pot from the board, is this the norm. I read something about volume being unity, but I expected at least some bit of change. I wired in a second A100 for control, but do not like it as a permanent fix. any suggestions?

  5. I haven’t really looked at boosters much yet (maybe because they’re so simple to do layouts for ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), but I do have the AMZ mosfet boost which I like a lot. And, although it’s a bit bigger, I really liked the Korg SDD-3000 boost, and I’ve been meaning to finish that one for a long time.

  6. A little late to the party, but here just the same. Like you Harald, becoming something of a sucker for compressors. After a couple of false starts, first I forgot two resistors, (so much for checking them off as you go), and then putting the VLT backwards (glad I used sockets), and finally, having to remove all the pots to find the one cut at P14 had a wisp of copper still showing. d’oh! Works great!, Thank you Harald. I will be adding a small booster as well for a little more umph. Thinking maybe the EH LBP-1. Any suggestions, for something with a small footprint? I do like the grit and especially when gently tweaked between sustain and blend. In hindsight, I would have added 8-10 more columns and integrated the charge pump and boost on the same board.
    Great layouts as always, thanks again.

  7. Great layout! Especially like the board-mounted pots spacing. This thing sounds great, but I might tweak the grit diodes. That red LED is a bit harsh if you have treble presentโ€”when rolled off, it’s more palatable. Many thanks for this!

  8. thanks for posting this one Harald! mine sounds awesome, including the germanium distortion. I too was unhappy with the overall gain of the pedal, so I added a clean mosfet booster at the end of the circuit, as well as an 18V charge pump. I absolutely love mine now. I added an extra stomp switch so it’s a philospher’s twin (germanium) now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    here’s a couple of pics of it:

    here’s a pic

  9. Alright. Good to hear the Vactrol came through for you. And I agree it’s a bit irritating it’s only unity gain. And I also think that grit part is pretty useless; I don’t use it.

  10. ok I take it back. The vtl5c6 worked WAY X 10 better that the home made coupler. The only gripe I have is the lack of boost at the end and that you can’t completely squash the grit on a clean setting

  11. I just finished this project. Anyone else notice that maximum gain is unity? I haven’t tried the vtl5c6 yet. It’s in the mail. I have a bright blue led w/ 1903 ldr from smallbear. It does compress but I expected more. :/ I’m hoping my octocoupler is just off. Other than that, the layout was great. Fit nicely in the enclosure. I’ll post again when I get the correct part.

  12. Thanks, tinkercreek:The local electo store had one big board left and should do me for awhile, but thanks for the parts #

    Happy holidays, to everyone here!

  13. Glenn

    They have vero at Mouser Electronics. They call it stripboard though.

    Mouser Part #: 854-ST3U – about $10

    I can get 20 or thirty projects out of one board.

  14. Hey, Harald, thanks for doing this layout.I saw that you posted this at FSB, i gave a thanks for that.

    Only problem is my local electronics store has no more vero’s NOOOOO!!!!!
    I will look at radio shack, but up in Canada Radio Shack doesnt have very much… Oh well…there’s always EBAY
    Thanks again, and from the youtube of this pedal, it should be a keeper, if I find some boards..
    Happy Holidays.

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