9 thoughts on “Request: Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive

  1. Please post pictures on the inside off board wiring. Im a little confused on the naming of which wire goes where.

  2. Sorry to necropost, but just want to be sure. Does two wires comes from the input; one to the board and an other to the Mod SW1?

    Thank you

  3. I just built this one last night and it works exactly like the original so if you haven’t verified your vero yet, you can now. I dig it. one mod that I did was to use a center detetent 1 meg pot for the Red gain control since it’s really a pan pot between two caps for it’s gain control. it cleans up better that way and has the same range of dirt as the original pot. for me, it’s nice to know that when it’s clicked in the center position, it’s at the least gain setting.

    thanks for posting it.

  4. Thanks for the info, Harald.
    I should have looked at the layout further.I took this overdrive apart, and i shouldnt have.
    But i think, i will give your layout a go.
    as far as the amp stuff goes, there are alot of good choices and good schematics to pick from.
    I think my Tweed cost me about 100.00 for the transformers and about 60.00 for the caps and stuff, luckily i had the tubes.I had a chassis from an old crappy solid state amp.
    I was out hiking with the wife a couple of weeks ago, and in the bush i found an old hadmade beehive. I took it home and,(minus the the insides and no bees).
    The chassis and a speaker will fit great into the beehive!( i havent finished cleaning the beehive yet, though)
    Cheap but the tweed is sweet.

  5. Hi Glenn. Your first previous post was caught in the spam filter for some reason. No idea why.
    I decided to use a TL071 since only one opamp is used and it facilitated routing a few components in a better way than had I stuck with the TL072 (having different pinouts and all). Sound-wise there shouldn’t be any difference with the TL071. So yes, the layout is different, but only in that it requires a single opamp.
    And I have to say very cool with the amp. Keep it going 🙂 I’m now looking at building another one myself, finally.

  6. Hi Harald:
    I built this overdrive a year ago and it sounds okay. Its definetly worh a try.
    From the guys at FSB, we used a dual opamp (tl072) i was wondering if the layout you made is for a tl071 is different?

    anyways, i always enjoy your layouts and am looking forward to building the BK Butler tube drive, but i havent been building many pedals, as i am on my second tube amp build.I just finished my tweed deluxe tonight and, it turned out great.I was inspired by your amp build, Thanks!

    I posted a comment on this thread earlier but i dont see it? Oh well if it is here delete this one.
    Anyhoo, i’m glad you do the thing you do, Cheers bro.

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