So after having spent a week in Cornwall this summer, when it came to doing another layout and looking at the request list why not do a Cornish G-2? Silly, I know, but here it is.

It’s 21 holes wide so it might just fit in a 1590B enclosure.

Update (30.07.2012): I built this last night and confirmed what some of you have been reported, it didn’t work as it should as the last gain stage sounded mis-biased. After a little investigation I found that I have been working off an outdated schematic that contained a few small errors, most notably it was missing a bias resistor to ground on the last gain stage which makes sense (the other mistake was the sustain pot being 470k instead of 47k).

The layout has been updated (I had to move a few components around to make room for the additional resistor). If you built this already and don’t want to do too much work all you need to do is add R43 from base on TR6 to ground somewhere.

The layout now works 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Request: Cornish G-2

  1. Sorry guys, but this layout has the buffer inside?
    Or have i to add a buffer?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. That came out fantastic! I have to say that while I was waiting for my BC549C lot to arrive I wanted to hear it. So, I put some BC546Cs on and found that there was a good overdrive coming out of them but a little bit muddy. To avoid that I put 10k for tone and 100k for sustain…I swapped then when my 549s arrived but I just wanted to share one other approach of that pedal.
    Once again thanx

  3. Have to admit I never heard of those before. I suggest you use sockets, that way you can experiment with all sorts of diodes if you want.

  4. It works now.

    I changed all transistors and diodes, this time I did it with sockets, first time I probably damaged when soldering.

    It sounds great, thanks Harald on great work. 🙂

  5. Dear Harald, a little question: can I use OA1154/OA1182 instead of 1n34A? are they equivalent? thanks! 🙂

  6. Thanks on answer Harald, that could be a problem because I used BC549 transistors.
    I will buy BC549C and try.

    Thanks. 🙂

  7. Could it be down to the transistors you use? I built this first with regular BC549 transistors and experienced just barely above unity gain, then I used BC549C ones and noticed a marked increase in gain.
    Might not be the solution to your problem, but it’s the first thing that came to me.

  8. Hello,

    I build this G-2 clone, everything as it is on verified layout, and I have problem with gain, it is just slightly overdriven sound. I checked few times, even build another one, and same problem again.

    I see there was the same problem with first version, but I made it by verified layout, and still have this problem.

    I hope someone can help me. 🙂


  9. I pretend to do both actually, but I used a strat when I built this one and I have to agree with you it is a bit dark even on single coils. Madbean has a lot of mod suggestions in his build document for this same effect. You might give some of those a try.

  10. I’m tempted to add the Klon buffer to this just to see if it rips open a rift in the space time continuum.

    Thanks for putting this together though, i’ve been hoping for a good G-2 vero for ages. As always, you rock!

  11. I guess you used Dirk’s schematic from October 2009 for the first attempt 😉

  12. Harald, do you play Single Coils or Humbuckers? I played a little yesterday, and i think its too bassy. Any ideas which cap I should reduce?


  13. Thanks for spotting the mistake Harald!
    I´m gonna try it today or tomorrow! R43 (100k) from BASE to ground 😉

  14. Sorry you couldn’t get it to work. I haven’t attempted this one yet so not sure what could be the problem. Let me know if you sort it out.

  15. Hi Harald!
    I built it, but unfortunately there´s sth. wrong with it.

    The sustain Pot is 47k (according to madbeans schematic) instead of 470K.

    When i switch the effect on, there´s only a nasty gated fuzz sound. When i flip all bc549c, i only have a very slight overdrive. When i have some time I´ll try bc549b´s (the hfe is lower), maybe they will work properly
    The tone knob only works from ~3 o´clock to max. if you turn the tone knob <3 there is no sound.

    Sorry I´m in a hurry today, maybe I find sth. out next week!

    Nonetheless thanks for the vero,

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