I haven’t got that many chorus layouts so I figured I’d pick one from my fairly long list of requests. This is the Easy Vibe designed by John Hollis, and if it’s anything like his other circuits this will be pretty cool. The layout was a bit tricky and ended up using a lot of jumpers. You could argue this one isn’t that suited for vero, but where’s the fun then? Anyway, let me know if you give it a try.


Update (08.03.2013): There might be some issues with ticking, but we have at least one report of a functional, non-ticking build courtesy of James (using a TL064), so this one qualifies as verified.

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26 thoughts on “Request: EasyVibe

  1. Hi Harald, I built this pedal following the layout, but I can not play the effect, the clean comes out but the modulation does not work.
    I used as ldr 8k-20k 1M and as a 3mm low current led, I have to try differently?
    Thank you.

  2. Harold thanks for a great layout. I notice c8 the output cap is 10uf on your layout while it is 1uf on john’s schematic. Any reason for this discrepancy?

  3. Hi , Just finished making my second EASYVIBE , using TL064CN in both builds. All working perfectly , no ticking kept to original schematic no mods or changes. Many thanks John and Harold.

  4. Hi all, Works really great ,getting a really nice throb don’t have any bad ticking at all , I did follow the exact Schematic above by the book no changes . I will today boxing this one up . Those low current 3mm LEDs really do the job. Thanks HARALD .

  5. Just finished my EASY VIBE ,looks great. I managed to find 4 3mm low current LEDs and used two standards for the outboard. I think every thing looks alright , all LEDs are working , Pots to. Going to bed . let you know how it sounds tomorrow when I fire it up!

  6. Hello Harald,
    I built this unit last summer and it sounds great! I added a jack for an expression pedal and I’m still using it today! 🙂 Great stuff!

    On my first build I added a rate led by attaching an additional ldr to one of the flashing leds. That works fine, but I think it’s not the best way to do that. This week I’m building another Easy Vibe and I also want to add the rate led.

    R.G. Keen posted on diystompboxes.com “On the EasyVibe, the LFO already drives LEDs, so the voltage is close anyway. You will probably need to buffer the LFO voltage, and the easiest simple buffer is a high gain NPN transistor. So – using Keen’s Second Law – we pick a 2N5088, hook its collector to +9 (gotta get power from somewhere) its base to the LFO voltage, and its emitter to a resistor in series with the flashing LED to ground.”

    I tried that, but it didn’t work. 🙁 I hooked the collector to + on my DC Jack and the emitter to ground on my DC Jack. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant with the LFO Voltage. I tried to hook the base to the ic’s voltage pin…the led lit up, but didn’t flash. Do you got a solution for me? 🙁

  7. Hi Harald,
    I’ve read somewhere that LDRs for Univibe style effects should be 1K-40K Light, 1M-20M Dark. I guess 5k-20M should be right.

  8. Not sure to be honest. I’m going to give this a try using the cheap LDRs from smallbear since I have a few at hand (9203 version I believe), but not sure how they’ll work. Maybe some of the builders here can chime in with their choice?

  9. James

    Does this sound different enough from a chorus ( uni-vibe-ish maybe ) to warrant building if one already has the Little Angel chorus?

  10. Yes the TL064’s seemed to solve the problem.

    I read somewhere that the TL074 draws more current and this can introduce pulses, i don’t know much about electronics and i’m aware people substitute op-amps of a different type in some cases, but i guess sometimes there’s a reason a particular device is specified.


  11. Hi Harald

    I had another look at this one tonight.

    First I checked all of my earth connections.

    When i built it i used TL074’s as i didn’t have any TL064’s on hand, so i ordered some and swapped them out TA DAH !!!!! NO TICKING


  12. Hi Harald,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Tried on a different computer and it opened without any problem.
    It must be my old computer.
    I can try to build it now.
    Thanks for your help!

  13. That really is strange, Alex. As you can see several other people have built this which means they’ve obviously been able to get the layout. Have you tried using a different browser or hitting F5? I can email it to you if you want, let me know.

  14. Several people reporting some ticking in this one. Not exactly sure how to address this, but a quick google search revealed lots of people having similar issues with vibe builds, and a few suggestions on how to fix it.

  15. Hi Harald,
    I don’t know why but this is the only link that doesn’t open.
    When I click on the board image to enlarge it, it doesn’t work.

  16. Hi Harald

    Built this one over the weekend, i’m getting some slight ticking although i didn’t notice it through my amp (although only played at bedroom level) i did notice it with headphones.

    I shielded the input and output cables both from the board and to the in/out sockets and routed all of the pot and switch wiring as far away from the board as possible !!

    I’m also finding a loss of highs.

    But the effect sounds good, if i could solve the ticking and bring back the highs i’m sure i could find a spot for it on my board.


  17. Alex, I take it your build doesn’t work properly, but I’m not sure what you mean by them all opening.

  18. Hi Harald,
    I don’t know what’s going on.
    They all open but this one doesn’t seem to work.

  19. Harold, you rock. I’ve heard a few clips of the easyvibe, they sound fantastic. This is going to be a sketchy build for me, biggest vero layout i’ve done yet.

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