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  1. I think I realized what the problem is – the opamp just too powerfull (I underestimated his power!), it is enough to power my amp AND 1k or 0.5k resistor. So I fixed this by changing R24 to 5k and putting the Volume pot instead of R26. This way I can change the gain of last stage of opa2134 from 0 to 2. This way I get more Volume then the original stomp can provide, for the original stomp volume you souldn’t change R24.

  2. Strange issue you’re having. Not sure what would cause this. Have you checked that the IC3 voltages are reasonable (I’m guessing that apart from v- and v+ they should be at approx. +4.5v). I’m also assuming you wired the additional connections in the lower right-hand part of the layout (master 1 to ground and master 2 is your output).

  3. Bulded this pedal, great sound, one of the best overdrive I’ve heard. Solo sound is also dilicious.
    But have one problem – volume pot worked only when near to zero. Volume at 5’o clock is equal to 3’o clock and only on 4’o clok volume halved. Tried put the volume pot before the last cascade (after R23 and before R24) and it worked fine, but a lot quiter then original. Any suggestions?

    Interesting fact, while builduing mixed value of R24 (1k instead of 10k) and get very nice high gain pedal) So here the modification: if you want increase gain, decrease R24 (to start 2k). Also, if you want save clean signal increase Gain pot To 20-50k depending on value of R24, the lower R24 the hier Gain pot.

  4. Ok guys!
    I’ve rebuild the circuit and……..it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another great layout Harald!!

    Thanks a lot for everything!


  5. Sorry to hear that, gx. Back to debugging I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure you can go back to assuming Boost 1 connects to VR (via R16). You’ve looked for short circuits and bad solder joints, and you’re sure the wire connecting Boost 1 to the board is good. Maybe R16 is bad? Try connecting Boost 1 directly to the “j” strip bypassing R16 (it’s there to prevent the boost pot from eliminating the signal completely at the lowest settings), alternately you can use your DMM to measure the resistance from the “j” strip to Boost 1 (may have to disconnect Boost 2 & 3) which should match the expected resistance for R16.

  6. No news…i’ve connected the PIN 1 of Boost Potentiometer ti Ground…no possibility to control the Boost Volume and also the pedal signal, when is ON, is near to zero.

    All the wire is ok, and no contacts between the strips…

    What can i do?

    Ah, the potentiometer works great (controlled by the Tester)…


  7. That’s the schematic this layout is based on. It’s already connected to VR (via R16, strip “j” is VR).

  8. Thanks Harald!
    Yes, i refer to boost switch and boost pot.

    I’ll take a look to all the vero-stripes, and i’ll remake the solder of the boost pot wires…

    I will you know!

    Thanks a lot!

  9. I assume you refer to the “boost” switch when you say solo and the “boost” pot when you say volume? There’s a lot of things that could be the problem and no good at this really. I’d double check for cuts, solder bridges, missing/misplaced components etc. I would also check the pot with a DMM making sure it works as it’s supposed to, then check for continuity from boost pot #1 to the circuit board. May be a cold solder joint or a broken wire connection here.

  10. Hi Harald, please I need Help!

    When I press “Solo” switch the volume potentiometer is as well not exist, making a giant leap as if the pot was at max, and without the possibility of either decrease or increase it.

    I’ve controlled all the wiring, and it’s like your layout…

    What do you think that i can do?
    I tried also with a 10k logaritmic, but it’s the same.

    Please help me!



  11. Hello everybody!
    So, i’ve made this pedal, just finished, and it works great!!!

    I’ve made the circuit as the layout says, and there are NO PROBLEMS with the shimmer control, so i think that “coolfix” has changed any value of components, or one of your components was failed.

    So guys, let’s make this pedal without fear, ‘couse it is really really cool!!!

    Thanks a lot HARALD!!!!


  12. @coolfix: have you changed any componenti to resolve your problem?

    @Haralh:have you built this pedal? Did you find the same problem too?


  13. Can anyone provide the schematics (I’m too lazy to reverse it form the vero layout) cause I’d like to try some changes on the shimmer part?

  14. I built it too, works great but I have to let the shimmer button at 0 otherwise the sound is really agressive with too much treeble.

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