5 thoughts on “Request: iPhone/iPad interface

  1. I agree it’s not very clear. I can’t promise anything, but it’s on my list.
    Meanwhile, try searching for diy ipad interface schematic and see if you can find anything.

  2. Hello there! someone could put the scheme of connections? Pot, jacks etc? here isn’t very clear. Thank you.

  3. Hi
    Please draw a me all connected components
    because something messed up
    And past tje link foto

  4. built this but i have some issues, dunno if it my badbor just a bad source i gave you.
    it is very distorted, seems like the input is to high or something.
    the only app i found it working on is the ampkit but also there is gets very distorted.
    but as i said it might be my fault as well. any suggestions on what it could be?

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