16 thoughts on “Request: ROG Condor cab simulator

  1. Hi,

    Is correct if i connect this sequence?
    guitar>effects>cab sim> audio interface> computer.

    thank you

  2. Hi paolo,
    Sorry to disappoint you. I have never put a circuit like this in a valve amp (or any amp really) and can’t really say. Have you tried the circuit on its own to verify the noise isn’t there even when not connected to the amp? (Which would indicate there’s a problem with the circuit itself).

  3. I put it inside a valve guitar combo and I experience a little dusty noise. the circuit is close to a preamp tube, could be the cause of noise?


  4. With a +12V power source I’d guess the bias voltage should be around +6-7V. You’re aiming for approx. +V/2.

  5. I built this, worked great first try. I also did the “Marshall 4 x 12” mod, and it is a must have IMO. The unit also works better at higher than 9v, I ran mine at 12v and it had more headroom (with 9v, hot humbuckers will cause it to clip).

  6. Hi izalharf. Sorry you’re not having any luck with this.
    I haven’t built and verified this layout myself, but I have received positive build reports indicating that the layout should be good. Given your problems I might have to try it myself when I have time for it.
    But, thinking about your three builds and assuming that the layout is actually OK, I can only see this being one of two things. Either it’s a systemic problem where you interpret the layout wrong, or you’ve got a bad part (I’m thinking an IC) that you’ve been carrying over across all builds.
    – Make sure to check out the debugging- and FAQ section, and maybe even the “step-by-step” section if this is your first vero build, and verify that we’re on the same page when it comes to things like how to make trace cuts, how pot and switch lugs are numbered etc.
    – Look over everything carefully and make sure you haven’t missed anything or done a common mistake like a cold solder joint etc. Also make sure you’ve added the additional connections mentioned in the lower right-hand part of the layout.
    – Did you use the same ICs or JFET for all three builds? If so, could the problem be this part?
    Hope you can figure it out!

  7. I have built this three times, but it doesn’t work..
    is that a verified thing?

  8. Herald,
    I got it working. It was 2 bad solder joints. Thanks for all your work. Very cool!


  9. Can someone post voltages for U1 and U2. I am not getting any gain out of u1
    My voltages read.

    1 7.84v 8 8.99v
    2 7.84v 7 8.74v
    3 8.81v 6 8.74v
    4 5 8.88v

    1 8.43v 8 8.99v
    2 8.43v 7 8.28v
    3 8.69v 6 8.28v
    4 5 8.40v

  10. Is there an exact voltage to bias the transistor to? Or just whatever sounds good.

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