18 thoughts on “Request: Korg SDD-3000 preamp

  1. brian, sounds like positive feedback of some kind. Check out the “FAQ” and “Debugging” sections for some ideas on how to solve this.

  2. I built this and I just get a high pitched tone generated that changes pitch slightly with the volume knob. Any ideas what I did wrong?

  3. Hi

    Could anyone please help me with the input and output attenuator values as I cant make the values out.

  4. I’ve found the problem… The problem is that the original Korg SDD 3000 also has input and output attenuators (you can google it – Korg Service manual, page 5 and 7). I’ve add the output attenuator and noise is decreased. It would be interesting if someone could read those values from the service manuals and update the vero.

  5. Hi Harald,

    thank you for your reply. I just followed Chris advice to put 1K pot. I’ve also tried 100K (too loud) and 5K pots. But it is still noisy. Maybe it’s normal… It seems to that 5K has less noise then the other pots. Do you think different pot value can cause the noise?


  6. Hi, givvenn. Not sure if it’s a typo, but you said you used a 1k pot? The layout calls for a 100k pot. Other than that I haven’t got any experience with this circuit yet so I can’t answer you about any excess noise.

  7. Hi,

    thank you for this layout. Very nice, but it has a lot of noise. I’ve used 1K audio pot. Have I done something wrong or is there anybody who also is experiencing a lot of noise?


  8. The 500k pot is way too high output. I replaced with 5k, and the range is much better. Thanks for the layout!

  9. Hi, James. I’ve yet to properly try out this circuit myself, but I was under the impression it’s a more or less clean boost and not supposed to sound fuzzy at all. You’re not overloading another stomp box or your amp further down the chain by chance?

  10. Hi, thanks for the layout!

    I have just built this and it works, very loud even with the volume at 8 oclock position. BTW, just want to verify, when I turn the knob past 12oclock, the pedal becomes like a very compressed FUZZ, although I probably will never turn it even past 9 oclock. Any other builders experienced this?

  11. Hey Harold, again thanks for all the awesome layouts. I guess i beat hookey, built this thing in an hour and my ears are still ringing. Wow this thing is loud and hardly any, well no break up , just louder and it chimes like a bell. Great pedal. VERIFIED.

    ps. I would kill for the boss blues driver,I tried doing a layout from the schematic (available at the site i always brag about you to!) FSB.
    But my board eneded up way too big, i dont have your talent, cheers bro.

  12. Hi Harald

    Thanks for this really appreciated – I will verify as soon as I have built


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