Request: Music Man on-board preamps for bass & guitar

Thanks to Bajaman over at freestompboxes for this great project. Here are vero layouts for three slightly different Music Man on-board preamps.

The Sabre II for bass:

The Sabre II for guitar:

The Stingray for bass:

Update (11.10.2012): Built the guitar preamp tonight but have yet to decide where I’m going to use it. Works great.

Update (09.09.2012): Built the Stingray bass preamp tonight and it works, so verified.

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7 thoughts on “Request: Music Man on-board preamps for bass & guitar

  1. Hehe, no problem! You can’t remember all the sounds you’ve heard, after all. You make a good point about space. I look at the pickguard and forget the actual cavity is so small! Now I get the crazy idea to snap the vero in two and jumper columns 8 and 9 together, and use tantalums for caps. Well I don’t know, I might try it for some project guitar in the future. The idea of losing passive pickups sound makes me not want to use it in my current strat. Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Bart,
    I never got as far as installing it in a guitar because I didn’t have room enough, i.e. I have to take some wood out which made it a bit more complicated. Hence I haven’t gotten to it yet.
    And to be perfectly honest, and it is a bit embarrassing, I can’t remember what it sounded like.

  3. Oh, the stereo pots won’t work of course because they use different values, damn 🙁

  4. Hey Harald, have you used this in a guitar already and can you comment on how it changes the tone? More “bite” I am guessing? I’m thinking about using this in a strat, with a switch to toggle passive/active, and using stereo tone pots so they can also work as treble and bass controls for this preamp.

  5. The output cap C7 is incorrect on all these layouts. It’s suppose to be 10uF

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