Put together this one tonight on an impulse. I’m guessing this is pretty similar to the Tycobrahe Octavia. I’m thinking the diodes should probably be matched for best effect, and I’m unsure about the orientation of the drive pot so you might have to re-orient it (let me know and I’ll update the layout).


Update (15.01.2013): Already verified thanks to Alex. The drive pot was reversed, but the layout has been updated.

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6 thoughts on “Request: Roger Mayer Octavia

  1. Forgot to mentions, I’ve posted a video and a little build report on my blog (linked if you click on my name here).

    Still enjoying the build a bunch, though I’m yet to get my hands on the C10K..!

  2. Just had a proper go at it, and the thing is sweet.

    One thing that became obvious though is that the rev log Drive pot is there for a reason. I went with a linear as I didn’t have a C but the most usable tones are all crammed at the end of the turn, say from 1/2 o’clock on. The rest of it is pretty clean tones of which only part is actually usable in my opinion.

  3. Verified!

    Can’t wait to play it properly tomorrow – doubt my neighbors would be impressed if I had a proper go at it now.

    Fuzz sounds sweet though and the octave is prominent.

    Regarding the drive pot, it’s actually the other way round, with lug 3 going to ground.

    Thanks a lot, been wanting to put this together for ages! Will probably record a few clips tomorrow and let you know when they are up. Great, great work Harald 🙂

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