6 thoughts on “Request: Shin Ei Companion Fuzz

  1. Skimming the net for a few minutes I’ve found recommendations for the BC108B/BC109B. I have no opinion of my own as I haven’t tried this one, but I suggest using transistor sockets and trying whatever NPN’s you have.

  2. Hi, gonna take a crack at this tonight- any recommendations for the transistors?

  3. Hi, I finished this yesterday. It was my first vero project and I was afraid that I would fail. But it works! I also performed a mid scoop mod. And everything worked fine. So thanks for posting this vero layout harald! Next I will try your phase 90 layout adding a depth knob.

  4. Without knowing what the original looked like I’m thinking you can just draw the output signal directly from lug #2 on the volume pot instead of connecting it to the circuit at “Volume 2”.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Has anyone has an idea to use a switch to lift the boost section out of the circuit?
    I will let you know when i’ve built this.

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