I’m still learning the basics and this one is a (small) step up from my first adventure. It’s still a dirt pedal, but with a novel and not very useful idea.

It’s made up of more or less well known sections. The input buffer/gain stage was borrowed from the AMZ mosfet boost. I can’t remember exactly where I got the EQ section from, but I do believe I took it from Merlin Blencowe’s preamp book and changed it to an active tone stack. The dirt section is basically half of a BSiaB2 circuit, and the output buffer is a straight forward source follower.

The signal always starts by going through the boost section and always ends at the output buffer, but I added switching so that the EQ- and dirt sections can be swapped (based on the juggler article on www.geofex.com). In other words you get to choose whether the EQ section goes before or after the dirt stage, and you can hear the difference, no really 🙂

Anyway, here’s a working vero layout for this thing.

And here’s how my build came out. Compared to my first one this feels kind of useful!

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