You haven’t heard much from me lately, and I’ve been busy with a disproportionate amount of real-life stuff, but there are things to come yet.

I started working for a new company a few months ago. While this leaves me with less free time I can use for electronics and noodling, I’m fortunate enough to now be working professionally with things related to electronics, circuits, audio signal processing and microphones! I’m hoping this will have a positive effect on my DIY tinkering as well smile emoticon

I’m actively working on the next update for my pet project, the StripboardCAD app. This time around I aim to improve workflow related to the parts list, entering of data/values etc., fueled by myself starting to use the tool actively and noticing a few short comings.

A few of my good musician friends have been trying out the “Workhorse” project I put together, and they’re so enthused about it that I’ve now built a few units for sale. That was a pain in the *behind*, and took much more time than I would have wanted, but hopefully it’ll come out well in the end. I even hear some plans about a demo video; a first for anything I’ve been involved with, and only (potentially) happening because I’m not doing it wink emoticon More to come on this soon (I hope).

I’m also revisiting the tap-tempo LFO stuff. While it has resulted in some very cool effects (I’m most happy with the tremolo), it has also disappointed on a few occasions (the phaser, to name one) due to overly noisy design etc. There’s two things to take away from this:
1) I need to learn more about proper grounding in digital effects, and how to lay stuff out on a vero/circuit board.
2) There are still things I would like the chip to do, like integrating a manual tempo adjust pot, a random wave form, and more options in the multiplier department (triplets etc).

And, of course, there are a number of other ideas I’m also playing with, that might result in something further down the road. We’ll see.

I’ll try my best to post more news before the year is over, but just in case:

Merry christmas and a happy new year! Thanks for your support in 2015!


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3 thoughts on “Status update

  1. Hi Harald: I haven’t spoken to you for some time, but I am Glad you are pursuing something you like. I haven’t built any pedals in a while, i have built 4 tube amps and that takes most of my spare time, that and my new grand-daughter. Hope you and family have a great holiday.
    peace, brother

  2. Hi Harald,
    Glad to hear that you are ok. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong. Nice that you found a new job, which is’nt easy these days I think. I’m not an apple user, so I cannot comment on your stripboardCAD app, but seeing the other projects that you did, I know that it must be ok. I built some of your projects and they all worked out ok! Thank you for your efforts! Whishing you also a merry christmas and a happy new year and hope to see some more vero projects in the future.
    Regards from Holland!

  3. Merry Christmas to you also! Great to hear about your new endeavor, sounds like a good move. Thanks to you for supporting the DIY arena, and hope to see more!

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