Lighthaus – A light-weight version of the “Openhaus”

Lighthaus buildI’ve been doing some more cooking lately. This one is a rework of the Openhaus, which is way too big and costly to build for my taste. Which is why I made this one 🙂

Info, schematic, layout etc. can be found here: Lighthaus

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2 thoughts on “Lighthaus – A light-weight version of the “Openhaus”

  1. I don’t know what would be good substitutes these days, but all of them can still be had if you look (I found mine on ebay). If you do some searching for JFET substitutes for J201 and 2N5457 I’m sure you will find lots of discussions, and possibly also some answers.

  2. hey, that’s great! thanks a lot for sharing this.

    as a matter of fact i have some extra 2N1306, but don’t have the JFets… any idea for a substitute?

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