Update (07.08.2015): This one is now verified as working, thanks to Patrick 🙂

Update (10.07.2014): Minor change to the schematic and vero layout adding a series resistor to the sync input tip.


Next up in the tap-tempo series; the Boss CE-2! Again, somewhat modified to work off of the LFO v2 chip. I’ve tried to keep the component labeling consistent with the Tonepad schematic to make things a bit easier when adding mods etc. And again, I’ve left the “Multiplier” and “Waveform” pots in there, but the “Waveform” pot should probably just go and pin #2 grounded (sine wave) as most of the other waveforms don’t really work that well for this effect.

Vero layout is coming, but it’s going to be a challenge and might take a while.

tap_tempo_chorus_1_1TapTempoChorusUpdate (28.02.2014): A few minor changes to the schematic, and here’s a vero layout to go with it! Luckily I already did a layout for the standard CE-2, which made this one that much easier.

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4 thoughts on “Tap-Tempo Chorus

  1. Hi Austin,
    You are right about the chip not having a manual adjust, only the tap-tempo switch input. I’m working on a new chip that includes a manual adjust rotary encoder, but it does mean a larger package with more input pins is required.

  2. Am I correct in assuming that the rate of the chorus is output from pin 5 of the attiny? So this version does not have a rate control, or am I just missing it? Is it possible to include a manual rate pot control as well, then have either the pot or the tapped tempo set the rate or would that require more output pins from the chip?

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