Baja Optical Limiter vero layout

I was so happy with the Trembulator I decided to give Bajaman’s Optical Limiter a try as well. This layout has been double checked, but not yet verified.

Baja Optical Limiter vero layout

Update (06.11.2010): Ian was kind enough to let us know the layout works.

Update (24.05.2011): Finally managed to complete the Baja Optical Limiter (I notice there’s a lot of “finally” with me. I have too many parallel projects going on…). I really like this one, and I also like the way it came out. Happy!

Update (20.10.2011): Fixed dead picture links.

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6 thoughts on “Baja Optical Limiter

  1. The electronics theory isn’t my strongest side, but I’m pretty sure the indicator LED isn’t running on the full +9 voltage. As long as the op amps and transistors can handle +18v and you use capacitors rated 25v+ I guess you’ll be fine. At least irfrench reports this to be working fine.

  2. Is it really possible to run the circuit with 18V without any changes?
    I thought that at least the LED resistor (560R) must be larger then?

  3. Consider it verified! I used a 2n5457 as the jfet (required pinout considerations). Being a bassist I had to try… works very nicely at 18v.

    Thanks for the generosity of sharing your layouts. Keep ’em coming!


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