Boss DS-1 w/ Keeley mods vero layout

Boss DS-1 w/ “Keeley mods”

The stock Boss DS-1 is one of my favorite pedals, and I’d heard so much about this Keeley mod that supposedly improved it that I had to make me one. I actually made this effect a good while ago and have been very happy with it, but I recently gave it to a friend and consequently had to make a new one for myself (this time in color!). I chose to expose the clipping LEDs on the mod switches because I thought it’d look cooler.

Boss DS-1 w/ Keeley mods vero layout

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13 thoughts on “Boss DS-1 w/ “Keeley mods”

  1. I understand…and if i can’t find metal film ones which type should I use?

  2. The 1 uf condensers should be non polarised?I just bought the items and noticed that the 1uf capacitors have polarity.

  3. Hi there.Could you tell me if there’s a problem if I put a BC550C instead of 2n5088?

  4. Hi Septi,
    Depending on how/if you mount the switches you may very well be able to fit it in a 1590B, but it’ll be a squeeze. 1590BB will give you plenty of space.

  5. Hi.Do you know if this vero would fit into a HAMMOND 1590B enclosure?Or to buy a 1590BB enclosure?

  6. Hej Harald,

    It worked immediately! Very nice pedal. The surface mounted leds are reacting like a dog with rabies.
    Looks very cool: Thanks!

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