I happened upon a thread about this effect on FSB and for some reason found it intriguing. This layout incorporates a few improvements suggested by mictester, but I also left the “original” schematic values in parentheses. From what I can tell this is an overdrive, and it supposedly sounds really good. What more does one need to know 😉

Update (11.08.2012): Already verified as working, thanks to Mark L.

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6 thoughts on “Dinosaural Tube Bender

  1. Now I doubt if it is worth the built. It sounds okay but I expected more from the man of love tone. Maybe I have a little error in my built or do i have to pick the transistors more carefully, i don’t know

  2. Yes it sounds good. Haven’t tried it at loud volumes yet. But it is certainly worth the built.

  3. Great, Mark! Thanks for verifying this one, and it didn’t take you long, hehe 🙂 Does it sound good or is it nothing special?

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