frequencycentral of recently designed a chorus based on the PT2399. From the audio samples it sounds really nice, and having a few PT2399’s lying around I thought I’d build one. Here’s a vero layout for the “Little Angel” mini chorus. I haven’t verified it by building it yet, but I have double checked the layout (though one can never be sure).

Little Angel vero layout

Update (27.11.2010): Thanks to Paul this is now verified.

Update (09.04.2011): Following this thread over at a fix addressing the issue of some PT2399’s “locking-up” was proposed by mictester, and I’ve added a second layout for those of you having trouble with the first one. The board size is the same, but a few cuts, jumpers and components have been moved or added. I’m sure it’s possible to work this into an already completed circuit, but it’s going to be a fair bit of work.

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39 thoughts on ““Little Angel” mini chorus

  1. Damn! I got nothing with this vero, not even hum. Built a Cherub but it had terrible latency issue. I swapped out the IC and opamp but still nothing in the Angel. Guess some big is on order.

  2. I recommend the two forums (link on right-hand side). I believe there are extensive threads on both of them regarding this effect.

  3. Hey harald, i made this pedal ssounds awesome but i want more depht, any idea or mod that yo can help me with??

    Thanks, George.

  4. to add a blend/mix pot to this particular layout:
    remove R16 and connect where the top (“north”) side of it was to lugs 2 & 3 of a 10k linear pot, and the bottom to lug 1. works for me at least.

    thanks for the layout, Harald. i’ve just realised most of my builds so far have been from your layouts, so thanks for those, too!

  5. Not sure, nacho. But there’s a long thread with lots of info over at If you’re lucky someone else have asked the same thing.

  6. Hola! Such a great site! I’m planning to make a chorus as a birthday gift for a friend, but he plays bass (i lent him my small clone some time ago). Any modifications needed to use this chorus with bass?

  7. Very nice of you, thanks! This diy world is so “addictive”. It’s a really good feeling to manage making your “own” sound! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Indeed!

    Just like to share a sample of my work: this is an homemade amp and my homemade multi effects in witch you can hear the little angel, the d-verb, the plexidrive built from your veros and others (zendrive, the rat and eatremolo).


  9. I don’t think the tolerance on the components are enough to cause any significant, or even noticeable volume drop.

  10. I’m using a tl072 in place of the 5532 and a 2n2222 in place of the 1n3904 in the little angel but, excep bat46, no replacement in the dverb. Resistors are 5%, could it ne a reason?

  11. Sounds wrong that you should have a volume loss with these effects. I would think both of these would give you about unity gain.

  12. Sorry for double posting and answering (again) to my own question but I found a solution changing r11 (470k) for a 390k. Now there is a little more gain switching on but I deeply prefer more than not enough. Just have to add an output volume pot to have the best balance. A trimmer in place of r11 could be an other good solution, i guess but there is not enough place on the vero as i’ve cut it at the exact dimensions.

    Thanks for all your ideas and terrific layouts that can always be trusted. I’ve already done the plexidrive, the rat and the d-verb that are so great effects.

  13. Hi!

    As with the D-verb, i’m experiencing volume loss switching on this effect. I’ve made an output stage, but it is amplifying the hush either. I’m going to try an input stage but i think that another and easier solution could be found buffering the op amp an other way. Has anybody got an experience for that?

  14. In theory this shouldn’t be too hard, but it involves either a higher familiarity with the existing circuit than I have or a small redesign to incorporate this feature, so it’s not something I’m going to do anytime soon, sorry.

  15. Many thanks Harald! I’ll be giving this a go over the next couple of days as I was having trouble finding some PT2399s. I’ll let you know how I get on.


  16. Hi Adam. We all got to start somewhere, no worries.
    When you have a board label connecting to two adjacent pot lugs you can typically solve this quite easily by running a single wire from the board location to one of the lugs, then a short jumper between the two lugs.
    (And if you want to be a bit lazy you really only have to wire the #2 lug, and you can effectively ignore the other one, be it #1 or #3).

  17. I’m very much a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing and I’m keen to start building my own pedals. What does it mean when in this particular vero, when the depth pot is wired to 1,2 from the board? How do I solder that to the pot? Sorry for the dumb question but I had to ask!


  18. You could swap it for either an A or C taper variant, I forget which one. This would spread out the usable portion of the original sweep over a larger portion of the pot.

  19. I recently boxed my pedal and I like it very much. It is a bit noisy when put in front of the preamp but all the noise dissappeared when I put it in the effects loop. I can only see one slight problem with it. My depth pot (B500K) only have any effect near the end of the turn. Is there a way to make it more noticeable on lower settings?

  20. Thanks! This was my third build in total and the first vero build I’ve tried. It worked beautifully.

  21. Hi Noah. Nice of you to ask. Yes, I have no problem with you using the layouts for a few initial builds. Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Hey there- Fantastic stuff!
    A quick question.
    I have a pedal ‘business’, in that I have a name that I use and I sell some stuff to friends. A couple of them asked me for a chorus, and after some research, I came here. Do you have a preference as to whether or not I use your layout for the first few initial builds (which are only to friends) for profit? (I do parts cost +20 bucks.) This would just be as i slowly figure out my own layout. I figured I’d ask to see if you had a problem with this, before I just went ahead and did it.


  23. I built this one last night, was lots of fun, probably the most complex veroboard I have done yet. Came out great, sounds excellent, although it did seem to lock up once, but turning power on/off fixed it and I couldn’t get it to lock up again. Again, thanks for the cool layout!

  24. Thanks for your reply! This was my impression too, concerning the discussions on fsb and diysb. Great sounding circuit, though!

  25. I agree, and I think the circuit design in itself is a bit unstable with or without the “fix”. I’ve made two identical circuits, one works without the fix and one doesn’t work even with it. For what it’s worth the layouts at least conform to the respective schematics.

  26. The new (Rev 1) layout was very noisy, removing the locking up fix made it much quieter. It didnยดt help much anyway;-)

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