I did a layout for R.G.Keen’s LoFi Telephone Noise already, but with Mark Hammer mods and the noise part removed. I wanted to revisit the effect and keep the noise part as an option this time around.

After having built it I had problem getting any noise out of it at all and ended up tacking on a different “white noise” circuit snippet instead.

I don’t think the white noise blended with the signal sounds entirely convincing, but it’s an interesting effect none the less. And there’s a lot of noise on tap if you’d want it 😉

I was able to single out a single 2N2222A transistor for the noise source that was acting a lot noisier than the rest of the lot.

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2 thoughts on “LoFi Telephone Noise, take two

  1. Any chance of a sound sample or link to one? I have no idea of what to expect…
    Thanks for all the goodies,

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