12 thoughts on “Request: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

  1. Thanks fpr the layout harold, but i have an issue with my pedal, im dont have a dual or stereo 250k potentiometer for the gain, so i decided to change it with two, mono or single 250k pot. It worked great with one pot turn max, and the other one turn only at 9 o’clock. But when i turn all the gain pot at max, it making some loud high pitched noise… I still have not know the problem yet, i hope you guys can help me for my build

    Overall thankyou for the layout, cheers…

  2. Hi everybody,

    I have sound until R14 and after I do not know where the signal goes.
    Are there any people to help me, please?

  3. Hi,
    I’ve made this and it isn’t work.
    I’m a noob and I do not realy understand where the sound go from the input to the output.
    Another question, is the build is true bypass or not?
    Thank you for your help.


  4. Thanks a lot for this one – works great, as does all other veros i built from you!

  5. Hi, Harold, I’m so glad you made this layout.I attempted to make a layout on my own, but although I know what I’m doing i just cant seem to get it small enough, but anyways…
    I built this and it sounds great, so it’s verified.

    The only thing (with my build) i dont have a dual 250k, only a dual 100.Still works, just maybe not as dynamic? Anyways, my wife has her friend over so i cant play it much tonight, nut it sounds good and is qiuet.Thanks again Harold.

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