Here’s a vero layout for the Fulltone RTO as was requested a while ago. Not verified yet so let me know if you successfully build this.

Update (29.03.2011): Sven spotted a missing cut underneath the IC. This has been corrected and the layout is now verified. Thanks, Sven!

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2 thoughts on “Request: Fulltone RTO

  1. You’re absolutely right. Thanks for spotting this and I’ve updated the layout accordingly.

  2. Hey Harald,

    Thanx for your great layouts. I have tried some of them and they work really fine. I’ ve build the RTO and found an error. There should be a cut at e9 (?), otherwise Pin 5 of the IC would be connected to ground. With the cut it works fine, but i don’t know if it sounds like it should ;-).


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