Request: Double delay- and modulation add-ons for the Aqua Puss

Here’s a vero layout for the double delay add-on to the Aqua Puss.

Update (20.02.2011): Fixed a connection between pin 7 on the two ICs.

Update (20.02.2011): Here’s a vero layout for abfackeln’s modulation add-on as well.

Update (22.02.2011): The double delay vero layout is verified by Mat as working.

Update (22.11.2011): I guess this just passed me by. The modulation layout is also verified as working.

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16 thoughts on “Request: Double delay- and modulation add-ons for the Aqua Puss

  1. Greetings, Harald! Can the double delay and mod boards be used for MN3005 version as well? I wan to put it on a Madbean Aquaboy build. Thank you again for your awesome site.

  2. Thanks Harald. Took your advice & left them in. I figured that there would be one set of each trimmers for each of the chips? It works anyways so….. Happy days.

  3. Is it necessary to have the bias & cancel trimmers on the main effects board as well as the add on? Is there a way to just have the trimmers on the add on & place a resistor in place of vr1 & vr2 on the main board, or is it best to have both? Thanks, Matt

  4. What are the values for the VR1 and VR2 trimpots on the double delay board? I have tried to find a schematic for this, but it looks like all the stuff at freestompboxes has been taken down, or is really hard to find.


  5. Possibly, but it depends on the topology of the delay I guess. I think the LFO circuit varies the resistance you’d typically use to control the amount of delay, and you’d have to replace the delay pot. Some values might have to be adjusted in the LFO to provide the expected range etc.
    I’m basically just guessing at this point, but you should definitely experiment and see what you come up with. It’ll probably be fun.

  6. curious if this modulation add on would work with a pt2399 delay like the deep blue delay?

  7. Hi. Another independent verification of the modulation board. Sounds very nice too.
    Fwiw, I built a couple so far experimenting. One with fixed rate and depth resistors, the other with inboard trimmers.
    I used 3mm red diffuse led and a 10k/1000k dark ldr, and also an Nsl32 opto, both perform admirably.

    Thanks for your work.

  8. This just doubles the delay time… it doesnt make it a “double/dual” delay?
    Sorry for the noob question.

  9. I haven’t got much experience with off-the-shelf optocouplers, but I imagine one of the VTL series would work fine, maybe the VTL5C1 or VTL5C3? I see both of those cropping up in various circuits now and then.

  10. For the modulation add on, instead of making the homeade optocoupler what optocoupler out there that is ideal replacement?

  11. Double delay layout is verified. Definitely a must-have for the Aqua Puss delay. I tend to use a 400~ms delay time often, and this is pretty much required to have nice sounding repeats. Without it, you’ll only squeeze out about 250-300ms with decent repeats.

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