Similar to the Echo Base this is a PT2399-based digital delay/chorus (and tremolo even) with a lot of additional options. Here’s the original thread over at FSB (including schematic etc.).


Update (03.02.2013): Already verified, thanks to Derek.

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21 thoughts on “Request: Magnus Modulus

  1. No, I mean the “FAQ” section, specifically the paragraph with the title “My effect is squealing/whining/oscillating. How can I address this?”

  2. Giorgione,
    Sorry to hear that. Again, no expert, but you can try keeping to the same practices as when building high-gain effects. Check out the FAQ section for some ideas.

  3. Hi. I have the same eugene’s trouble. Can anyone help me? It’s an annoying trouble. In this conditions the tremolo is unusable. Thanks To those Who respond

  4. Hi eugene,
    Your problem is a common one. I’m no expert on the area so I’m going to suggest you search the forums (and maybe the Internet) for some discussions on how to fix this. It’s usually referred to as “clock noise” or something in that vein, and is a general problem with many types of circuits, including tremolo, vibrato, chorus and flanger circuits.

  5. hi, i got a “heartbeat” sound going on when the tremolo is engaged.. and does anyone know how to change the tremolo area into an optical one? I read that forcedfire suggested that it could be change into optical trem.. anyway.. my main problem is the heartbeat sound..and it sometimes bleeds into the delay sound.. could you help me out? thanks! I used the PCB of forcedfire and everything from that big image file.

  6. This sounds great…I havent experienced any hiss or problems at all. Very useful efx.

  7. Looking at the history I believe James L reported some hissing. Could be the same issue. No word on whether he resolved it or not.

  8. H Harald.
    This is a very interesting delay. The modulation section is very different and adds a lot to a ‘slap-back’ delay. When the modulation is extended and deepened it gets a slight whammy sound. The gain is very nice too.
    There is a hiss noticeable that increases as the ‘time’ is increased. Has anyone reported that yet. I am going to put my ISP gate between all the pedals to see if it can handle it. Again, your sight is great. Thanks for your hard work and interest.

  9. Hehe, everyone’s entitled to change their opinion. Happy to hear you like it after all. And a very nice looking build!

  10. boxed is up and completed. i’m actually starting to kinda like this pedal. IMO, it’s kind of a jack of all trades/master of none, but you can get some pretty cool and unique sounds out of it.

    here’s some pics of my build:

  11. well, i messed around with it a bit mor,e and after installing a reverse audio 10K pot for the rate (and reversing the leads on it), and a reverse audio 100K for the depth, the pedal works ALOT better now. it works a lot better this way so i’m mounting it in an enclosure now, but i’m still going to build an echo base since I think the EB has a better sounding chorus in it.

  12. Alright. Thanks for the feedback john. It doesn’t sound optimal when you put it that way. (I’m very happy with my Echo Base build by the way, except maybe for it’s large size).

  13. built this one today and while everything works as it should, I think it’s a pretty poor design. the tremolo is basically useless for me since you have to raise the gain pot to make it effective, and it won’t really do any slow tremolo speeds. i’m going to remove most of the components and build an echo base instead,

  14. Thanks for the feedback, James. Nothing wrong with your first post, but to combat spam all first-time posters have to be screened by myself.

  15. Built this one, swapped the Rate and Depth pots for reverse log and swapped the connections as per Alex’s post. I made the Tails and Tremolo switches stomps with LEDs for indication

    I haven’t come across any of the problems encountered by Alex but there is a low hiss when the pedal is engaged (quiet enough though), this may be due to my untidy wiring methods.

    Thanks for posting this one.


  16. I’m not sure about the tremolo problem. Maybe Derek can comment on how his build works? As for the delay tails switch I would think R7 and R13 would prevent pops. Did you forget or misplace one of them maybe? Sorry I can’t be of more value.

  17. Hi Harald,
    I’ve built this pedal for the first time using your layout.
    I’ve used a C10K for Rate and I had to connect it as 1-2 together and 3 on its own instead of 2-3 and 1 as you’ve mentioned cause the speed was increasing counter-clockwise.
    When I switch the Tails back on (delay sound on) I can hear a very loud “Pop”.
    What could I do to fix that?
    Also, when I use the tremolo switch the Depth, Space and Smooth pots have to be full-on otherwise you won’t hear the tremolo or you would hear some noise that follows the Rate speed.
    Any solution to that?

    Thanks for your help


  18. Verified, i think the rate pot may need reversed but other than that it works as expected, great layout, thanks a lot for this.

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