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Request: EasyVibe

I haven’t got that many chorus layouts so I figured I’d pick one from my fairly long list of requests. This is the Easy Vibe designed by John Hollis, and if it’s anything like his other circuits this will be pretty cool. The layout was a bit tricky and ended up using a lot of jumpers. You could argue this one isn’t that suited for vero, but where’s the fun then? Anyway, let me know if you give it a try.



Update (08.03.2013): There might be some issues with ticking, but we have at least one report of a functional, non-ticking build courtesy of James (using a TL064), so this one qualifies as verified.

Updated: 8 March, 2013 — 23:53

“Little Angel” mini chorus

frequencycentral of recently designed a chorus based on the PT2399. From the audio samples it sounds really nice, and having a few PT2399’s lying around I thought I’d build one. Here’s a vero layout for the “Little Angel” mini chorus. I haven’t verified it by building it yet, but I have double checked the layout (though one can never be sure).

Little Angel vero layout

Update (27.11.2010): Thanks to Paul this is now verified.

Update (09.04.2011): Following this thread over at a fix addressing the issue of some PT2399’s “locking-up” was proposed by mictester, and I’ve added a second layout for those of you having trouble with the first one. The board size is the same, but a few cuts, jumpers and components have been moved or added. I’m sure it’s possible to work this into an already completed circuit, but it’s going to be a fair bit of work.

Updated: 21 December, 2012 — 20:50
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